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Eva Willmann de Donlea


With a background in science, business, and finance, Eva is an experienced advisor and consultant on the integration of sustainability, climate change, clean technologies and renewable energy into business and investment strategies. She is co-founder of 1Earth Institute, merging time-honoured traditional wisdom with sustainability innovation

She has consulted to major national and international investment funds on the integration of environmental, social and governance values in finance.  She was appointed Head of Sustainability and Climate Change to FINSIA, the Financial Services Institute of Australasia, worked for the UN in Geneva, Switzerland and for a federal minister in Australia.

As an ethical investment advisor in Australia, she advised individuals and NGOs on ethical or Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) portfolio strategies and wrote industry courses on this topic for the investment industry.

Eva founded and was the Chair of The Climate Council Inc, whose aim was to integrate federal and investment industry initiatives on climate change. She was a delegate to a number of the international UNFCCC Kyoto Protocol meetings and served on a federal government selection panel for clean technologies.

As one of the Australian Ecotourism founders, she established the first national cetacean-based tourism industry association and served as its inaugural Chair.

She sits on the Advisory Boards of Ethical Markets LLC, USA, the Climate Prosperity Alliance, USA, Climate Futures, Macquarie University, Australia and is a member of UN Harmony with Nature.

Over the past years, Eva has become deeply engaged with traditional cultures around the world to evolve sustainability solutions by merging the two bodies of knowledge. Her focus has shifted to partnering with Indigenous peoples to integrate clean technology and sustainability innovations with traditional knowledge and a profound respect and connection to Land, Country and Spirit.

Eva Willmann de Donlea

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