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Chris Leroy


Born in 1971 in Santa Clara, California, Christian Gutierrez began his apparel design career in 1999 as Chris Leroy.

The neighbor of an english costume designer in his hometown of Los Gatos, the learning process was immediate with no formal or prior training.  Later he worked with a local Italian knit entrepreneur who put his designs on the map, and expanded his experience, lending her skills and resources by way of her enduring New York City manufacturing relations.

While continuing his day job as a graphic designer, he continued to refine his design and experiment with different fabrics and to sell his unique coat in small shops in Northern California.
Today, with fresh optimism from his newly formed partnership with Northern California wool producer, Lani Estill, and Fibershed’s, Rebecca Burgess, people of innovation seeking to bring the highest quality of life to the greatest number of people, his coats now embody aesthetics and sustainability.

In combining creative endeavors and sharing a goal of making positive change in the world, ‘climate beneficial’ clothing looks to promote community engagement and bring sustainability to the fashion industry.