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Cara Chacon


As Patagonia’s VP of Social and Environmental Responsibility, Cara leads a team of professionals that set strategy and implement Patagonia’s sustainability initiatives. Responsibilities include guiding Patagonia’s social and environmental supply chain programs that protect people and our planet (factories, mills, farms), ensuring animal welfare, traceability and content claims assurance of sustainable materials, maintaining footprint metrics,

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Alison Czeczuga


Alison Czeczuga is a lifelong plant lover who turned her passion for the natural world into a career. She currently serves as the Global Sourcing & Sustainability Manager at Gaia Herbs, where she works closely with Gaia’s local and global partners on sourcing high quality medicinal plants while leading the sustainability strategy across the company.

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Carlotta Mast


Carlotta Mast is the senior vice president of content and insights for Informa’s Global Health & Nutrition Network, which includes the New Hope Network. Carlotta is also the board president of Naturally Boulder, a 1,200-member trade group with the mission of nurturing community, leadership and innovation in the Colorado natural products industry. In addition, she

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Hazel Henderson


Hazel Henderson D.Sc.Hon., FRSA, is the founder of Ethical Markets Media LLC and the creator and co-executive Producer of its TV series. She is a world renowned futurist, evolutionary economist, a worldwide syndicated columnist, consultant on  sustainable development, and author of The Axiom and Nautilus award-winning book Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy (2006) and 

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John Foraker

John Foraker

John Foraker recently left his role as President of Annie’s, Inc. and is a co-founder and CEO of Once Upon a Farm. He is a leading authority in the organic and natural foods industry. With more than 20 years of business experience and a sharp focus on sustainability and social responsibility, Foraker’s vision for growing

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Larry Kopald


Considered a leading brand-building architect, Larry Kopald spent over twenty years at some of the world’s leading advertising agencies overseeing advertising fro companies ranging from American Express and McDonalds to Honda and Pepsico. Also a committed environmentalist (Director of Greenpeace, Oceana, 1% For The Planet) in 2013 he co-founded The Carbon Underground, an organization focused

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Aria McLauchlan


Aria McLauchlan is a social impact and environmental communications consultant and the co-founder of Land Core USA, which is creating legislation to be included in the 2018 Farm Bill to establish a federal standard and new USDA label for regenerative soil health practices. Land Core’s initiative uses existing NRCS conservation practices and infrastructure and is

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Alisa Gravitz


For thirty years, Alisa Gravitz has led Green America, the national green economy organization. Green America develops marketplace solutions to social and environmental problems with a key focus on tackling climate change, building fair trading systems, stopping corporate abuse, and growing the green economy. Alisa brings her years of experience and knowledge of sustainability to

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Robyn O’Brien


A former financial and food industry analyst, Robyn O’Brien has been called “food’s Erin Brockovich” by the New York Times and Bloomberg. She triggered an allergic reaction in the food industry when she asked: “Are we allergic to food or what’s been done to it?” and helped trigger an awakening to the skyrocketing price of

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Elizabeth Candelario


Environmental and social advocate Elizabeth Candelario is managing director of Demeter USA, the nation’s only certifier of Biodynamic farms and products and a member of Demeter International, the oldest ecological certification organization in the world. Biodynamic agriculture is a holistic and regenerative farming system that represents the highest paradigm of sustainability, and Demeter’s vision is

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