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Rose Marcario

Rose Marcario is President and CEO of Patagonia, she joined in 2008 as COO and CFO.  Since her taking the helm, the company has quadrupled sales and profits.  Rose created the company’s first in-house venture fund, oversaw the development and creation of Patagonia Provisions, an organic regenerative food company, and has championed the benefit corporation

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Dr. Helen Crowley

Dr. Helen Crowley joined Kering in November 2011 and is the Head of Sustainable Sourcing Innovation. Prior to Kering, Helen was
 Associate Director at the Wildlife Conservation Society for eleven years.
 She has a background in field-based conservation and development
 projects particularly in Africa and Madagascar, as well as
 market-based conservation initiatives and designing corporate-NGO

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Edouard Rollet

Edouard Rollet, Co-Founder, Alter Eco Americas, Inc., is a seasoned social entrepreneur, brand builder, leader and innovator, Rollet has brought more than 20 years of experience to Alter Eco Americas Inc., the company he co-founded in 2004. With a vision to change the world and introduce delicious, nutritious and environmentally responsible products, Rollet has recently

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Natalie Reitman-White

Natalie Reitman-White is the Vice President of Organizational Vitality and Trade Advocacy at Organically Grown Company, one of the largest independent distributors of organic produce in the country.   Fast Company magazine named her, “a leading executive and change-maker in efforts to make food supply greener, healthier and equitable”. She founded and served as the Executive

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Winona LaDuke

Winona LaDuke is a rural development economist working on issues of economic, food, and energy sovereignty. She lives and works on the White Earth reservation in northern Minnesota, and leads several organizations including Honor the Earth, Anishinaabe Agriculture Institute, Akiing, and Winona’s Hemp. These organizations develop and model cultural-based sustainable development strategies utilizing renewable energy

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Gina Asoudegan

Gina Asoudegan is Vice President of Mission and Innovation Strategy at Applegate. She oversees product innovations that are designed to create a consciously scaled supply chain. When she joined Applegate in 2006 as director of communications, Asoudegan worked closely with NGOs to raise awareness of food-system issues, including antibiotic resistance and GMOs.  Asoudegan is a

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Victor Friedberg

Victor has been at the forefront of innovation, global development and sustainability for over 20 years. As Co-Founder of S2G Ventures, he has been a principal force in developing the S2G mission, culture, strategy and team. Through his work, he has pioneered system investing as a strategy for investing into food and agriculture and applied

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Ethan Steinberg

Ethan is a startup growth expert who is focused on turning ideas into reality. He is a Managing Partner & Co-Founder at Propagate Ventures, an agroforestry project development & farm management company focused on bridging the capital and operational needs for the integration of tree crops to farmland. Propagate is on a mission to make

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Eric Thalken

Eric Thalken lives in the practical center of human energy and skill, machines, money and biological diversity, with the mission to produce food with the highest ecological benefit (not least impact). Eric manages a system of cattle and crops intertwined on 2,250 acres of Southeast Nebraska.  A herd of 150 head of cows is maintained

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Amy Hall

Amy serves in the new role of Vice President, Social Consciousness for women’s clothing designer EILEEN FISHER.  In this capacity, she guides the company toward greater alignment with its Benefit / B Corporation status and Quadruple Bottom Line framework.   Amy collaborates internally and externally to position the company at the leading edge of human, environmental

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