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Victor Friedberg

Victor has been at the forefront of innovation, global development and sustainability for over 20 years. As Co-Founder of S2G Ventures, he has been a principal force in developing the S2G mission, culture, strategy and team. Through his work, he has pioneered system investing as a strategy for investing into food and agriculture and applied

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Bill Giebler

An award-winning writer and seasoned natural products industry veteran—with experience in food and supplement retail, lifestyle mail order and textiles product development—Bill Giebler is the managing editor of Nutrition Business Journal and a New Hope Network senior editor frequently covering food and agriculture trends and opportunities.

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Eric Thalken

Eric Thalken lives in the practical center of human energy and skill, machines, money and biological diversity, with the mission to produce food with the highest ecological benefit (not least impact). Eric manages a system of cattle and crops intertwined on 2,250 acres of Southeast Nebraska.  A herd of 150 head of cows is maintained

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Amy Hall

Amy serves in the new role of Vice President, Social Consciousness for women’s clothing designer EILEEN FISHER.  In this capacity, she guides the company toward greater alignment with its Benefit / B Corporation status and Quadruple Bottom Line framework.   Amy collaborates internally and externally to position the company at the leading edge of human, environmental

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Katina Boutis

Katina is the Sustainability Director at Loomstate, an ethical and sustainable private label uniform company with long roots in traceable organic cotton.  Loomstate prides itself on creating clothing with responsible materials and the best intentions by developing win-win approaches to clothing supply chain systems. As the Sustainability Director at Loomstate, Katina leads the company’s overall

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Megan Weidner

Megan Weidner joined Bunge North America in 2015 as the vice president, corporate responsibility and sustainability. Megan is active in the industry with organizations such as Field to Market and MANRRS (Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences) and is on the Board of Directors for Agriculture Future of America. Megan holds a Bachelor of Science degree from

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Alan Lewis

Alan directs government affairs and food and agriculture policy for Natural Grocers, a health food store chain founded in 1955 that operates over 150 stores in 19 states. At the federal and state level, Alan engages with lawmakers and regulators on food, agriculture, nutrition, rural economic development, trade and health issues. He also oversees organic certification

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Alex McIntosh

Alex co-founded and serves as chief executive officer of Thrive Natural Care. Thrive designs and sells high performance skincare, powered by regenerative plants. Since 2013, Thrive’s team of American and Costa Rican entrepreneurs, farmers and scientists have produced new-to-market botanicals for the company’s products by means of an inspiring regenerative farming model that helps restore

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Philip Taylor

Philip Taylor, Ph.D. is executive director of Mad Agriculture, which he co-founded with his life partner, Nicole Brinks, to create a culture that loves and restores our relationship to the land, sea and one another. Our work spans the story, community and practice of creating a beautiful food system. Among our programs, we help develop

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Ethan Soloviev

Ethan Soloviev is a farmer and Executive Vice President of Research at HowGood.com, where he manages the world’s largest product sustainability database. His work with Fortune 100 retail and CPG companies combines on-the-ground agricultural expertise with sustainability-driven market insights. Ethan farms apples and sheep in upstate NY and is the author of Regenerative Agriculture and

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